Ideas To Change Your Life

1: Think big, act small

You’ve got nothing to lose. Just make sure you act small. Put in the work and stay practical. All you need is one big win anyway. But when you aim low, the outcome is always low.

2: Build relationships on a firm foundation

Love has no opposite. When you love someone, you can’t hate them at the same time. The foundation of all relationships should be based on: love, respect, support, trust, patience, good company, laughter, sadness, and more support.

3: Nothing in life is free

Life is business. And smart business people spend their resources wisely. How? Be calculated. Never waste resources (especially time).

4: Never be afraid of making decisions

Waiting, postponing, doubting, researching too much — it’s all not useful. Get your act together, and decide firmly whenever you have to make one. And when you made the wrong decision, apologize, and make another decision.

5: Create something

When you create something (doesn’t matter what it is), you’re actively doing something. You either solve a problem or entertain people.

Make yourself useful.


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